2013 Water, Sewer & Stormwater Repairs Annual Contract
Savannah, GA

Owner: City of Savannah
Engineer: None

Annual contract to repair various structures for the City of Savannah including water lines, sewer lines, lift stations, etc.

Contract Amount:  $1,763,874.11
PROJECT #716 Kingsland North Lift Station
Kingsland, GA

Sub to: Legacy Water Group, LLC
Engineer: None

Work is coming to a close on the $450,000 pump station project in Kingsland.  Southern Champion subcontracted the job from Legacy Construction.  It took a while to get started due to some permitting issues, and once it did we were often hindered by the tremendous amount of rainfall that fell over the summer.  Regardless we were able to set the 28’ deep wet well, as well as a 20’ deep fiberglass receiving manhole including several joints of 18” PVC influent sewer.   All the discharge piping and force main is installed and the sitework is complete.

Cliff Manheim has been involved with the majority of the work, assisted by Tommy and Brandon Terry and crew on the deep excavations.  Chuck Woodward has also made an appearance on occasion, coming down from the project he is working on in St. Simons, GA. 

Despite the many delays and the logistical challenges presented by the remote location, it appears the project will make the profit we estimated.  That’s a success in my book.

Contract Amount: $457,962.00

Additions to Existing Water Pollution Control Plant
Young Harris, GA

Owner: City of Young Harris
Engineer:  G Ben Turnipseed

The project consists of the additions of a new influent structure, splitter box and aeration basin, new final clarifier, filters, UV disinfection system, effluent temperature control system, effluent pump station, aerobic digester, sludge dewatering building and belt press, a new standby generator, chemical feed systems, and new site improvements including storm drainage and new paving.

Contract Amount: $3,996,000.00

Hampton Plantation
St. Simons, GA

Owner: Brunswick-Glynn County Joint WSC
Engineer: Elmo Richardson

The Hampton Plantation Water Production Facility is located on St. Simons Island, Georgia and is being constructed for Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission (JWSC).  The work under this contract consists of furnishing all labor, materials, tools and equipment required to construct complete in place and ready to operate a new water production facility.  Chuck Woodward and his crew of Jeremy Smith and Roy Clark are on this project. 

More specifically the work includes Site Clearing and Improvements; Modifications to existing well, piping and flow meter; Construction of a 100,000 gallon pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank with aerator; Installation of yard piping and connections; Construction of pump building with high service pumps, electrical systems, chemical feed equipment and ancillary equipment; and Demolition of existing structures and equipment. 

Contract Amount: $979,499.00

Pump Station Repairs
Beaufort, SC

Owner: Beaufort Jasper Water Sewer Authority
Engineer:  BJWSA

The Misc. Waste Water Pump Station Replacements Project is located in Beaufort and Jasper County, S.C. and is being constructed for the Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority (BJWSA).  This contract is to provide Design-Build services for Three (3) Waste Water Pump Station Rehabilitations.  This project is to avoid potential failures caused by end of life in equipment and material, as well as to bring existing stations up to the current standard set forth by BJWSA.  Superintendent for this project will be Cliff Manheim, assisted by David Dillard.  

The Design-Build work at each station includes Upgrade to existing site (asphalt drives, additional stone in site, replacing fencing); By-Passing existing sewer flow; Replace existing electrical components and control panels; Replace existing pumps and piping; and Coating existing below ground structures.
Contract Amount: $430,200.00

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