Southern Champion Construction builds new water and wastewater treatment facilities and upgrades and expands existing facilities for large metropolitan water and wastewater authorities, small towns, residential developments, industrial plants and military bases, all over the Southeast. Our projects cover a broad range, including:

  Water Treatment Plants
Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants
Water Mains
Force Mains
Water Distribution Systems
Water Metering Stations and Systems
Deep Wells and Vaults
Water Storage Tanks
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Pretreatment Plants
Sewage Treatment Plants
Spray Irrigation Systems
Land Application Systems
  Gravity Sewer Systems
Storm Water Management Systems
Storm Water Pump Stations
Raw Water Intake Pump Stations
Booster Pump Stations
Lift Stations
River Diversion Pump Stations
Utility Relocation and Extension
Leachate Pretreatment Systems
Drainage Systems
Fire Protection Piping
Street and Road Paving Improvements




Southrn Champion
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Southern Champion Construction, Inc.