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We’re Hiring

Southern Champion Construction offers great opportunities for job employment. SCC is an equal opportunity employer that encourages personal growth in a well rounded and friendly environment. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Southern Champion offers insurance, raises, 401K and paid vacations. Raises are typically awarded annually. After 2 years of employment we offer each employee a paid one week vacation during Christmas.

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WMBE Subcontractors & Suppliers

Southern Champion Construction, Inc. is bidding the Sheftall Bluff Lift Station Upgrades projects for Chatham County and we would like quotes from WMBE subs and suppliers for fencing and electrical work.   If you are interested, please view plans and specs in our plan room and submit your quote to Matt Deal by July 9 at 2:00 pm.  You can submit by fax at 912-964-6600 or by email at


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Jim Broom Award

Through 2014 the Jim Broom Award has been presented to a Superintendent or Project Manager that has exhibited the qualities, character, and work ethic that made Mr. Broom one of the most respected members of our industry. Starting in 2015 we have decided that the Award should be presented not just to an individual, but to the project as a whole. This rewards not only the hard work of the Superintendent and PM, but shines a light on every crew member and the quality of work overall. After all, as JB would say, “you’re only as good as your crew”.

Since the end of 2013, the following (completed) projects have met or exceeded the criteria necessary to earn the Jim Broom Award:

  • 702 Gulfstream 16” Water Line, Savannah, GA
  • 705 Lift Station #64 Odor Control, Savannah, GA
  • 710 Little River WPCP Phase 1, Columbia County, GA
  • 712 Water, sewer, & stormwater repairs, Savannah, GA
  • 714 Crossroads FM & Lift Station, Savannah, GA
  • 717 Young Harris WPCP Additions, Young Harris, GA
  • 718 Hampton Plantation Water Production Facility, Brunswick, GA

Congratulations to the Project managers, Superintendents, and Crew Members responsible for the success of these special projects. Thank you for your hard work. Mr. Broom would be proud.

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